We Provide Best Teeth Whitening Service

One of the key features of an attractive smile is glistening white teeth. At Ghauri Dental Centre we use the renowned Zoom Advance Technology System which is a form of laser whitening.

What is Teeth whitening?

when you meet people for the first time, one of the first effects that you'll notice is their smile. Losing the colour of your teeth is all part of the ageing process. Teeth launch to change colour from teenage times onward. One of the most common cosmetic procedures to rectify this problem is teeth whitening or tooth bleaching. Whitening is ideal for people who suffer from stained teeth as a result of consuming curries, red wine, tea, coffee or tobacco. It's safe as long as the bleach doesn't touch your gums else irritation or sensitivity will do.

What will my dentist/hygienist do?

There are two types of teeth whitening techniques to choose from

A:Laser whitening

B: Home Some bleaching

Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening in our Dental surgeries works like this:

Laser Whitening also known as power whitening is a type of teeth whitening system that our Dental Practitioners can give. A bleaching product is painted onto your teeth and also light ( laser) is shone onto them to spark the whitening. At Ghauri Dental Centre we use the renowned Zoom Advance Technology System which is a form of laser whitening. The dentist will use a stronger bleach jelly than is used for home bleaching. This system is used to bleach all the teeth at the same time. The bleach will touch the teeth for less time than with home bleaching and your dentist might cover your gums. They will paint the bleach onto the teeth and shine a special light on them. The bleach is washed off with water. Your dentist will make a note of your tooth colour using model teeth in different colors before they treat you. Look at the colour match yourself before the treatment, so you can compare it to the colour after the treatment. Your teeth may be sensitive to hot and cold food and drink for a many days after dulling.

How does home zoom bleaching works?

For this type of treatment, your dentist will give you a weak bleach jelly to use at home in a tray that fits nearly around your teeth. The tray makes sure that the jelly doesn't irritate your gums. You'll need to place the charger in your mouth for a many hours on several occasions, as instructed by your dentist ( presumably over a period of a week). Your dentist will need to use a putty-suchlike material to make moulds of your mouth ( called “ impressions”) so a dental technician can make the tray to fit. At your coming appointment, your dentist will check the tray fits and show you how to place the bleach in the tray at home.