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Emergency Teeth Filling in Shepherd Bush


Filling is a dental procedure in which a dental material is used to fill a cavity in a tooth. Dental restorations can be divided into two main kinds , one is direct restoration and the other is an indirect restoration.

·         Direct restoration

In direct restoration material is made from an alloy consisting of mercury and other metals like silver, copper, or tin. This is called an amalgam filling. The other type of direct filling is a white filling in which a composite resin or glass ionomer material is used.

·         Indirect Restoration

Indirect restoration materials made from compounds of metal and nonmetals, which is chiseled and contoured before the placement in tooth. They often  very closely resemble natural teeth in strength and hardness and can be aesthetic ie porcelain.


Ghauri Dental Centre
Shepherds Bush
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1-3 Wormholt Road
London W12 0LU
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Nearer station are Shepherds Bush
(Central line and Over ground) and Shepherds Bush Market Station
(Circle line and Hammersmith and City Line).
Bus: 207, 607, 283

Ghauri Dental Centre
Notting Hill Gate
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247 Westbourne Grove
London W11 2SE
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Near to Notting Hill Gate
Underground station and Bayswater.
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Ghauri Dental Centre
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113 Vicarage Farm Road
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Near to Hounslow West
Underground Station and Heathrow
Bus: H32, 482, H91

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