Crowns & Bridges

When the surface of tooth is badly damaged through trauma, wear or decay a filling may be too weak to restore the tooth. A crown can be used to restore badly damaged teeth. Crowns will completely cover the existing tooth in such way that its size and shape just like the original tooth. The tooth will have to be ground down first in order to make the space for the crown.


Bridge is used to fill gaps in the dental arch. Bridges are held in its position on the gums by the anchoring crowns either side of the gap.

Kinds of bridges:

There are three kinds of bridges, these are

·         Fixed bridges:

The fixed bridge often offers the most retentive and natural appearance. Commonly ,  crowns arecemented permanently on the both sides of the gap and the false tooth joins these crowns over the gum.

·    Cantilever bridges:

It is a false tooth that is only anchored to 1 tooth either side of the gap . Cantilver bridges do not have same strength as the fixed bridges so usually they are fixed in such area where less strength is required ,like front teeth.