There was a sustained learning timetable for the principals during the process of  BDA od practice on all aspects of clinical vernance. They passed on their latest knowledge on current issues to 28-30 dentists and all the staff on all aspects of Clinical vernance and  10 commitments of of practice were implemented and followed by the Practice.

Each dentist follows rules and regulations. They feel very od about it.They have updated knowledge on Health and Safety and Infection control.  They don’t feel threatened and they feel they will flourish in an environment. They have:

  • Very few problems to deal with or virtually no problems to deal with since we’ve had BDA od Practice Award.
  • Primary Care Trust is very happy with us. They offered us North  West London Emergency Contract

    Regular training and update of CPD hours by Frequent in house Training on compressors, dental chairs, washer disinfector, vacuum autoclaves, clinical vernance, oral hygiene, latest dental products on the market, e.g.  Listerine, Oral B range of products, teeth whiting, implants, laser  technology, air abrasion, Cerec
    , conscious sedation etc...

BDA Good Practice